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Upcoming Classes

Mon, Aug 3rd, @6:30pm - 08:30PM
All Levels
Mon, Aug 3rd, @6:30pm - 08:30PM
All Levels
Tue, Aug 4th, @9:00am - 10:40AM
All Levels: Senior
Tue, Aug 4th, @9:00am - 10:40AM
All Levels: Senior
Tue, Aug 4th, @11:30am - 12:30PM
Basics: Seniors

Thank you for visiting Two Fishes Swimming online.  Please allow this online portal to educate, encourage, enlighten and motivate you. 

Last Updated ( Friday, 03 March 2006 )
Two Fishes Swimming

is a center for the study of classic Yang style T’ai chi ch’uan.  Since 1988, continuing classes meet in several locations in the valley.  We teach both health and martial art applications as well as application to life.  All classes are ongoing and multilevel in ability and knowledge. 

Frequent social gatherings give us the opportunity to know others in the different classes and to play T’ai chi together in a larger group.  We wish to provide events and support other occasions that bring all T’ai chi players and other internal martial artists together for sharing and demonstrating knowledge.  We host two Banquets every year.  The Chi Festival happens in the fall of each year:  demonstrations of the internal arts by area schools, a Chinese banquet, and dancing.  The Spring Banquet is an occasion for our families and friends and a chance for our students to strut their stuff.  

Our students have the option to become certified teachers through the National T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association.  Also, regular expeditions are planned to Los Angeles to attend special events held by the NTCCA and workshop by other teachers. 

Two Fishes Swimming is a public service organization with the goals of empowering people in the management of their own health and physical well being through the practice and study of T’ai chi ch’uan as well as cultivating and networking a community of players and teachers in Arizona.

Sound Good? Get involved! 

Two Fishes Swimming is an educational arm of the Marshall Ho'o Center of Arizona, a Division of the PAAK Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.   

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 October 2006 )
World Tai Chi Qigong Day

Always the last Saturday in April every year.

Be Part of a world wide Tai chi movement. 

This year, April 29, 2006 at the Franciscan Renewal Center on Lincoln Dr just east of the Camelback Inn.   

For more info contact taichidon at aol.com

You add the dots. 

See you there, bring friends, meet new friends. 



Last Updated ( Saturday, 15 July 2006 )
Chi Festival 2006
Chi Festival of Internal Martial Arts Phoenix
Arizona November 5, 2006

Join us for
world class martial arts demonstrations,
a silent auction, door prizes,
a full Chinese Banquet,
and fabulous Blues Music by
UVON and the Blues Nights. 

To make a reservation:;
PAAK c/o Two Fishes Swimming,
P O Box 84511, Phoenix, AZ 85071


ariel at 2fishswim.com
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 10 October 2006 )